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OKI Flat shield type OKIFLEX FS-FLEX-B **-7/0.127 ALV (30M) K

Flat shield type OKIFLEX FS-FLEX-B **-7 / 0.127 ALV (30M) K is wrapped with an aluminum laminate tape around bridge type OKIFLEX and coated with a sheath to prevent noise and crosstalk. It is most suitable for fixed wiring between devices such as computers, peripheral devices, communication devices, office equipment, etc. and internal fixed wiring, especially for EMI measures. 1 reel=30m Delivery time is about 2 months with made-to-order products.

◇Flat shield type OKIFLEX FS-FLEX-B **-7/0.127 ALV (30M) K

Japanese Manufacturer
Oki Electric Cable UL AWM styles/CSA types for wires,shielded wire,cable,Flat cable,Robot Cables,LAN Cables,High speed interface cables for machine vision applications,FPC
Bando Electronic UL AWM styles/CSA types for wires,shielded wire,cable,Flat cable,FFC
Dyden Robot Cables,FA Cables
Fuji Electric Wire Cabtyre cable
Hanshin Electric Wire & Cable Robot Cables,Electric Wire and Cable
Hirakawa Hewtech Super-fine coaxial cables,FA Cables,Broadcasting cables
Hitachi Metals UL AWM styles/CSA types for wires,shielded wire,cable,Flat cable,FFC
Ishikawa Tokushu Silicone Rubber Wire 
Junkosha General Wires & Cables,Robot Cables,Tube & Fitting
Kaneko Cord Robot cables, Solar cables, Communication cables, Curl cords, LAN cables, Modular cords
Kawasaki Electric Wire Power Supply Code
KHD Electronics UL Standard Electronic Wires (Appliance Wires),Global Standard Wire
Kijima Communication Wire LAN cables,Robot Cables
Kurabe Industrial Heart Resistant Wire,Tube,Sleeve
Kuramo Electric Robot Cables、FA Cables
Miyama UL AWM styles/CSA types for wires
Mogami Microphone Cables,Console Internal/External Wiring Cables,Coaxial Cables,Audio Cables,Ultraflexible Miniature Cables
Nichigou Global Standard Cables
Ninomiya Electric Wire Duplex Insulated Thermocouple Wires,Thermocouple Extension Wires,Heat-resistant Insulated Wires,Thin-Film Surface Thermocouple,TWINTOR (Thermocouple Connector)
Nissei Fluorocarbon Polymer Insulated Products,Silicone Rubber Insulated Products
Okano Cable LAN cables,Robot Cables
Riken Cable Technology Cabtyre cable
Sanyo Denko Broadcast and Pro AV Cables,Measuring Cables,Camera Cables
Shinagawa Electric Wire UL AWM styles/CSA types for wires
Shinko Seisen Industry Robot Cables,FA Cables,Coaxial cables,Curl cords,Audio Cables
Sumitomo Electric Insulated Electronic Wire,High Voltage Wire,Spiral Shieleded Wire,Sumitube,FFC
Taiyo Cabletec Robot Cables、Equipment cables、General-purpose cables
Tatsuta Tachii Coaxial Cable,Audio Cable,Power Cable,Control Cable
Tonichi Kyosan Cable Global Standard Wires
Totoku Coaxial Cables,Heat Resistance Wire,FFC
Tsuko LAN cables
3M Connectors,Tapes
Daido Solderless Terminal Solderless Terminals
DDK Rectangular,Circular,Coaxial,Board to Board,FPC/FFC,Pccard
Honda Board to Board,Board to Cable,Cable to Cable,I/O,Coaxial,Optical,Power
Hoshiden Miniature Circular,DIN,Multi-pole Circular,Super Slim Rectangular ,Waterproof Connectors
HRS (Hirose Electric) I/O,Wire to Board,Board to Board,FPC/FFC,RF/Coaxial,Modular Jack/Plug,Wire-to-Wire
JAE Board to Board,Board to Cable,Board to FPC,Memory Card,Memory Module,Rectangular,Circular
JST Wire to Board,Board to Board,Wire to Wire,Card Edge,FFC/FPC,Solderless Terminals
KEL Board to Board,Board To Cable,Socket & Battery Connectors
Marushin Audio,DC Power,DIN,RCA Plug & Jack,
Mizuho Techno Car Plug,Fuse Holder
MOLEX Board-to-Board,Wire to Board,Wire to Wire,FPC/FFC,
Nanaboshi Electric Waterproof Connectors
Nichifu Solderless Terminals & Connectors
Sumiko-Tec Waterproof Connectors
Tajimi Coaxial,Optical,Circular,Rectangular
TE Board to Board,Wire to Board
Technical DIN Connectors
Yamaichi Electronics Test & Burn-in Sockets,FPC/FFC,Card,Coaxial,Board-to-Board,Board-to-Cable,Production IC Sockets