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Kururipper Cable Stripper

Manufacture:Yamako Electric Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Japan

Product Name:
Kururipper SL  YS-1001A01-01
Kururipper SM  YS-1001A02-01
Kururipper SS  YS-1001A03-01

A convenient tool for professionals to peel the outside covering of thin communications cables and LAN cables

・This uniquely designed cable stripper clips a cable and makes a notches around the outside covering.
・By adjusting the cutter blades, only the outside covering is cut, without damaging the core wire.
・Small and easy to carry to workplaces.
・Off-the-shelf cutter blades can be used as replacements.

The shape of parts to clip cables varies for SL, SM and SS, but the external size is the same.
External size: L57×H24×W17 (body)

*Lead Time: Available as regular stock. Please contact us for orders of 20 pieces or more.
       “Production by order” refers to products produced upon order

*Recommended Cable Diameter:A reference value that we have confirmed.
 Please adjust the length of the blade according to the actual cable.

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