We are a dealer from Tokyo,Japan.
We sale cables and electric parts made in Japan,include the Oki Electric Cable.You cannot cancel after you have made your purchase.

We quote separately if the quantity is large.
Please contact us from each product inquiries.

At the same time,we are japanese suppliers.
We have various sales channels other than online store in Japan.
Would you be interested in promoting your products in Japan?
Please contact us by emailing eigyo@nisho.co.jp.

Nisho News

OKI FLEX Catalog

We uploaded the OKIFLEX catalog.

Bridge type OKIFLEX
Sudare type OKIFLEX
Flexible type 1.0mm pitch OKIFLEX
Flexible type OKIFLEX
Twisted pair type OKIFLEX
3-Ampere OKIFLEX
High density (0.635mm pitch) Eco-OKIFLEX
Eco-OKIFLEX (1.27mm pitch)
High density (0.635mm pitch) OKIFLEX